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Thursday, August 6, 2009

its all god's will.....

uniten finally officially closed because of hini (h1n1, not bini (b1n1))
its actually our mid sem break
so i can have more masa lapang although there plenty of works dat need to be done.

and uniten also had been shocked by the death of a very humble, kind-hearted, genius athlete- Gary Leon Robert. everybody seem to be sad with this news. i met him for some times. seriously he IS a very precious creature dat i have ever met.
RIP Gary Leon Robert.

Gary died due to dehydration

Pelajar Uniten ditemui mati di Stadium Shah Alam


fakhruddin said...

ensem kan dia?? hehe. RIP dude.

eh give me your email so that u can read my blog... or you've already viewed mine??

Wo0dBuRy CraZEe said...

nope... i havent view yours yet...

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